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5 days. The clock is ticking. Save Tookie!

Campaign to End the Death Penalty Action Alert

THE CLOCK IS TICKING... Stop the execution of Stan Tookie Williams!

There's only 5 days left to save Stan Tookie Williams.

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- Reports and news about Tookie
A day of action for clemency!
Why Tookie deserves to live
Criminal or criminalized
Stan's case featured on Chuck D's show on Air America
A stunning victory for Mumia Abu-Jamal
Donate much-needed funds for our efforts

- Upcoming events

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Tookie's supporters are gathering today to show their support as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger holds a private clemency hearing with Stan's lawyers and with prosecutors. In the Bay Area, activists are mobilizing for a "people's clemency hearing"--Stan's supporters will convene on the west steps of the capitol building in Sacramento (10th at Capitol Mall), beginning at 10 a.m. Other events are taking place around the country in solidarity with the rally in Sacramento--see the list of events below. If you are from the Bay Area, a casual carpool is leaving MacArthur BART Station at 8 a.m. If you have a car and can take people, or if you need a ride, please arrive well before 8 a.m. to arrange seats. We can't guarantee a seat! AMTRAK is an alternative. Go to to get information on stations; the train picks up in Hayward, Oakland and Richmond. The Capitol Corridor Train 522 arrives in Sacramento 9:45 a.m., just in time to walk (7 blocks) over to the People's Clemency Hearing. "Train" 537 (which is really a bus) departs for the Bay Area at 12:10 and Train 541 departs at 2:10. The Amtrak station is at 401 I Street at 5th. The rally is at 10th and Capitol Mall. The fare is $17 each way.


>From Socialist Worker: Unless California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger commutes his sentence or stays the execution--or the courts step in at the last moment--Stan Tookie Williams will be killed in San Quentin's death chamber just past midnight on December 13. But growing numbers of people are determined to stop California's execution machine from being switched on, and they have pressured the governor into holding a private clemency hearing... Socialist Worker convenes its own "hearing"--gathering testimony from community activists, former gang members and death penalty opponents to prove why this peacemaker should not be put to death. The "clemency statements" below are from Crystal Bybee, Kevin Tate, Minister Tony Muhammad, Vicky Lindsey, Phil Gasper, Cassandra Gonzalez, Darby Tillis and Marlene Martin.

Read the statements at:


>From M. Junaid Alam on the Left Hook Web site: An unattributed but relatively well-known quote reads, "Kill one man, and it's called murder; kill a hundred thousand, and it's called foreign policy." But there is a way to kill one man without calling it murder: capital punishment. And there is a kind of capital punishment that is preceded by use of biased informants, malicious prosecutors, racist prejudice, and weak evidence: American capital punishment. Such is the predicament faced by Stan Tookie Williams, a death row inmate at San Quentin prison near San Francisco, California, who faces execution on December 13 at 12:01 a.m. unless he is granted clemency by the governor, Schwarzenegger... Stan Williams, or Tookie, as he is frequently called, has undergone a Malcolm X-like transformation while in prison. After spending several years in solitary confinement, Tookie emerged in 1993 as an inverse image of his former self, renouncing all gang ties and beginning a comprehensive crusade against gang violence. He has produced nine anti-gang books aimed at children, including one which won an award from the American Library Association; he has spoken to schools and community groups imploring youth not to get caught up in gangs; and he has even drafted a specific program for resolving conflict violence between gangs - one which has been used to reduce violence between the feuding Blood and Crips gangs in New Jersey.

Read the full article at:


Chuck D and Giana Garel had sportswriter Dave Zirin, author of What's My Name Fool, on their show to talk about Stan's case. You can listen to the show on the Internet--the discussion about Stan starts about two-thirds of the way through.

Hear the Air America show about Stan:


>From Dave Lindorff on CounterPunch: In a startling new development, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia has agreed to hear arguments on three claims by Pennsylvania death-row prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal that his 1982 trial and state appeal were tainted by constitutional violations. Any one of those three claims, if upheld by the three-judge panel, could lead to a new trial for one of America's most famous and long-standing death row prisoners, a Philadelphia-based journalist and former Black Panther activist who was convicted of the 1981 shooting murder of a white Philadelphia police officer. The decision came as a surprise because the appellate court was only required to consider an appeal from the defense on a single guilt-phase issue-the claim that the prosecution had illegally removed qualified jurors from the case on the basis of race. That claim, while rejected in 2001 by Federal District Court Judge William Yohn, had been certified by the judge for appeal to the Third Circuit. Appellate courts do not have to even accept arguments from defense attorneys on claims that have not been certified for appeal by a lower court, so the fact that the judges agreed to accept the other two claims is a major victory for the defense.

Read the full article at:


The Campaign would very much appreciate any donations to help offset the costs of organizing to stop the execution of Stan Tookie Williams. The Campaign is sending Shujaa Graham, a former San Quentin death row prisoner, and Alice Kim, a national organizer with the CEDP, to California to help the on-the-ground efforts to stop the execution. We are asking for your help to cover these expenses--so please send what you can today. Checks can be sent directly to our P.O. box: CEDP, PO Box 25730, Chicago, IL 60625. If you would prefer to donate online, you can go to our Web site at and click on the donation button for instructions on how to do it. Thank you all!!

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- DECEMBER 8 - Austin, Texas Emergency Press Conference At 5:30 pm at the Governor's Mansion (10th and Lavaca).

- DECEMBER 8 - Boston Press Conference and Picket for Clemency Featuring Prof. William Keach of Brown University, who nominated Stan for the Nobel Prize in Literature. In front of the state house.

- DECEMBER 8 - Los Angeles Chantin' Down the Death Penalty The Hawthorne/Inglewood Save Tookie Committee is holding a "Chantin' Down the Death Penalty" vigil. At 10 am, at Aviation Park, 1935 Manhattan Beach Blvd. (Manhattan Beach Blvd. and Aviation Blvd. in front of the soccer field), Redondo Beach.

- DECEMBER 8 - Los Angeles Demonstration for Clemency Join the Youth Justice Coaltion and Save Tookie Committee. At Noon, outside Central Juvenile Hall and the Juvenile Court on Eastlake, 1605 Eastlake Ave. E-mail for more info

- DECEMBER 8 - New York City Save Tookie Protest in Times Square At 5 pm at Times Square, by the military recruiting station. Sponsored by: Save Tookie Committee-NYC. E-mail or call 518-253-5029 for information.

- DECEMBER 8 - Rochester, N.Y. Stop the Execution of Stan Tookie Williams Rally At 5 pm, downtown at the Hall of Justice, 99 Exchange Blvd.

- DECEMBER 8 - Rochester, N.Y. Stop the Execution of Stan Tookie Williams At 7:30 pm at Rochester Institute of Technology, SAU Room Clarke A.

- DECEMBER 8 - Sacramento, Calif. People's Clemency Hearing for Tookie At 10 am, on the steps of the State Capitol building. Called for by the Bay Area Save Tookie Committee.

- DECEMBER 8 - Washington, D.C. Rally to Save Tookie Williams At 5:30 pm at the African American Civil War Memorial, 10th and U St. NW

- DECEMBER 9 - Los Angeles Screening of "After Innocence" A film about the dramatic and compelling story of the exonerated--innocent men wrongfully imprisoned for decades and then released after DNA evidence proved their innocence. At 7 pm at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, 4718 West Washington Blvd. Sponsored by the LA Coalition Against the Death Penalty. For information, call : Project:Involve at 310-432-1280.

- DECEMBER 9 - New York City Press Conference for Tookie With Councilman Charles Barron and Fred Hampton Jr. At Noon at City Hall, sponsored by the NYC Free Mumia Coalition.

- DECEMBER 10 - Berkeley, Calif. Screening of "Redemption" and Discussion At 6 pm at Long Haul, 3124 Shattuck (across the street from La Pena).

- DECEMBER 10 - Chicago Speak Out for Justice Featured speakers include Julia Sitko, former teacher in South Central LA; Madison Hobley, exonerated prisoner and member of the Illinois Death Row 10; Darby Tillis, Illinois' first exonerated death row prisoner; Greta Holmes, Campaign to End the Death Penalty; and a representative of the Southwest Youth Collaborative. At 3 pm at University Church, 5655 S. University, in Hyde Park.

- DECEMBER 10 - New York City Save Stan Tookie Williams. Featuring Fred Hampton Jr., who visited Tookie along with other human rights activists; Pam Africa, International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal; Herman Ferguson, co-chair, National Jericho Movement; Lynne Stewart, to be sentenced in December by the U.S. government; Masai Ehehosi, Free Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin (Rap Brown) Campaign; and others. At 4 pm at Salem Methodist Church on 129th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard. A cultural program and dinner will be served. $10 donation at the door. For information, call the Free Mumia Hotline at 212-330-8029, or 914-941-6046

- DECEMBER 10 - Seattle March for Stan on International Human Rights Day March with the Save Tookie contingent at the International Human Rights Day march and rally in downtown Seattle. Meet at 12:30 pm sharp by the Save Tookie banner on the corner of 2nd and Madison, by the Federal Building. At 1pm, we will march to Westlake and rally support for this peacemaker. We will be talking to people and gathering signatures for Stan's clemency petition. Email or call 206-851-4862 for information.

- DECEMBER 11 - New York City Discussion of "Blue Rage, Black Redemption" and Screening of "Redemption" At 5 pm at Bluestockings, 172 Allen Street, between Stanton and Rivington. Call 212-777-6028 for information.

- DECEMBER 11 - San Francisco Sister Helen Prejean Speaks One of the world's best-known opponents of the death penalty speaks out at an ACLU event. At 2 pm at the San Francisco Marriott Hotel, 55 Fourth Street at Mission. Tickets are $25 per person, $10 for students and low income, $250 table sponsor.

- DECEMBER 12 - San Francisco to San Quentin Walk for Abolition The Walk For Abolition begins at the Palace of Legion of Honor in San Francisco at 7 am and ends at the gates of San Quentin Prison around 6 pm. For information, contact Rev. Lyle Grosjean at 510-895-8203 or email

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Download a fact sheet about Stan's case:

Read the story of Stan's life in his book, Blue Rage, Black Redemption, available for $22. To order, visit or call the CEDP national office at 773-955-4841.

Do a showing of the movie Redemption, the TV movie about Stan's life, starring Jamie Foxx. The movie is available at Blockbuster.

Get "Save Tookie" buttons from the Campaign to sell to supporters. Get 25 buttons for $20, and shipping is free. Call the CEDP national office at 955-4841 to order.

Check out the Save Tookie Web site:

And the Campaign to End the Death Penalty Web site:

Order copies of the New Abolitionist. This issue has stories by and about Stan, as well as other information about fighting the death penalty. You can get a bundle of 25 New Abs, shipped free of charge at a cost of $12.50. To order, call the CEDP office at 773-235-0778. Yearly subscriptions are also available.


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